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Planning a Wedding Menu

A wedding is a day to enjoy with family, friends, and other special people in your life. Part of any wedding is the right menu. An ideal wedding menu allows every single guest to enjoy the party. When choosing a wedding menu, it is a good ideal think about varied factors. These factors include the time of year when the wedding takes places as well as the kind of wedding you are planning. Some brides opt for a formal wedding in a chapel with hundreds of guests. Other people opt for a wedding on a beach with only a handful of friends and family. Any menu should match the tone of the wedding. For example, a wedding largely held outdoors makes the perfect occasion to serve delicious, organic entrees with lots of natural ingredients.

The Appetizers

The ideal wedding menu begins with appetizers. The right appetizers are essential. An effective catering company can help any bride and groom narrow down their choices. Many catering companies, like those at this link, allow people to choose a range of options. The starter should offer a strong start that sets the tone for the rest of the menu. A summer wedding might begin with a delicious corn soup that takes advantage of seasonal produce. Weddings during the fall are ideal to show off fall flavors like squash paired with onions on bruschetta or fresh tomatoes with slices of well-made cheese and a little drizzle of fine olive oil. You can also serve a series of appetizers as part of a buffet.

The Main Courses

After deciding on a main course, many people opt for a main course. Using an app can help you locate caterers who can offer the choices you like best. A bride who is going to serve many guests or one who has a buffet should consider offering a choice of many main courses. Spring and summer are the best time to serve light courses that won’t weigh your guests down. Look for options like seafood such as butter poached lobster and lightly grilled salmon with asparagus for something that is ideal for this warm season. A fall wedding is the time to bring out the heartier choices like squab or turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Dessert and a Toast

Many brides want a very special wedding dessert. A multi-tiered wedding cake complete with fondant flowers looks great. Modern brides have been opting for something more contemporary such as doughnut towers or tiers of cupcakes in varied flavors like lemon and chocolate. A caterer hired via an app can often do the dessert as well as the other part of the menu. Add in the right toast with a glass of champagne and some red wine and it’s good for the day. Looking closely at all possible choices can help the bride and groom find the ideal menu for their day. Use seasonal foods and a caterer with lots of imagination and you will have a fabulous wedding day.