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How to get prizes by playing games on Bananatic

Is it possible that any website “pays” us for playing games? This seems not possible, because usually we have to pay for access to entertainment, but fortunately there are people in the world who love players, because they are themselves – they are the authors of the Bananatic portal, where you will find the best computer games!

When nobody appreciates your passion …

… Bananatic will do it! First of all, thanks to our website you will gain access to many video games – these are both strategic games as well as MMORPG or simulators. Some of them already have fans around the world, others have just arrived and … are waiting for you to love them! At Bananatic, you pay nothing for access to games – by registering, you get the guarantee that you will always play for free. We want everyone – regardless of their financial situation – to enjoy the best games. Here you will find game rankings and reviews. So if you do not know what game you like the most, or you are looking for something new for yourself, then the ratings on Bananatic can help you make your choice.

How to win fantastic prizes?

Okay, but what can I gain by playing games? Well, thanks to Bananatic you can get keys and recharges for games, skins to the well-known game CS: Go or and the highest quality equipment for players. What do you have to do to get these great prizes? It’s enough that you’ll … play. Really! When you play games, you accomplish numerous tasks, develop your character (especially in MMO games) and gain more levels. When you do it on Bananatic, you get virtual “money” – bananatics. When you collect more of them, you can go to the store and buy for a chosen item. The more you play, the more rewards you can get – there are no limits here! You do not have to worry about our honesty – we invited 530,066 users to play, and they regularly earn valuable prizes!

What else will I gain from Banantic?

But Bananatic is much more than access to games and prizes. Our mission is to connect players who have the same passion and would like to talk to other players from all over Poland and beyond. Here you will find forums, game reviews (you can write them yourself, you will get additional bananatics) and numerous tips to help you play. Bananatic also has its YouTube channel, where “let’s play” movies are placed. They will certainly help you solve the problems you face in games! It’s also worth checking out our fanpage – there are many interesting facts, as well as contests. When you discover the richness of the Bananatic world, you will not need other portals for players, because … Bananatic offers you everything you need as a player! We are sure that you will soon recommend our website to your friends, who share your passion and also love games!

Playing games at Bananatic will enable you to meet interesting people, get valuable prizes, and thanks to it you will join the great and open community of players. Do not hesitate anymore and take a few moments to register for free!