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How to choose the best inflatable water slides

With the summer months soon approaching, attention is turning toward hosting outdoor events. From casual backyard birthday parties to lavish all-day affairs at the city park, outdoor events and warm weather go hand in hand.

What makes an outdoor gathering even better when the temperature rises? When children are expected to attend the event, a commercial-grade inflatable water slide fits the bill as a fun way to cool off. In the following guide are several popular inflatable water slide models made by Jungle Jumps, the leading manufacturer of industrial-grade inflatables. Each has their own unique look and features, making any of them the ideal addition to your next backyard party or gathering.

Choosing a Quality Inflatable Water Slide

Not all inflatable products are manufactured to the same high-quality standards as Jungle Jumps products. As one of the largest commercial-grade inflatables companies in the United States, Jungle Jumps leads the way when it comes to performance. Each inflatable is made from the toughest materials on the market, including durable, colorfast vinyl fabric that resists tearing and fading. Next, features that add durability are added to each inflatable, such as reinforced stitching, corner gussets, and ample anchor points. When you choose an industrial strength inflatable water slide for your event or party, demand the very best.

Water Slide Selections

Take a look at some of the many choices of inflatable water slides by Jungle Jumps:

Tropical Tide Marble Blue – for events with a tropical theme, this combo water slide and splash pool is sure to be the hit of the party. It features a single-lane water slide; alongside the slide, an easy-access ramp leads to the top. Across the base of this commercial-grade inflatable, an oval splash pool is ready to add even more cooling thrills. The slide is decorated with printed elements and inflatable components like the palm trees that flank the slide’s base and top. The result is an inflatable water slide that looks just as great as it performs.

Dual Primary Colors Slide with Splash Pool – ready to take on large groups of youngsters at your next gathering? This massive inflatable is ready to help. It features two slide lanes, each separated by a central access ramp to the top. This slide can be used wet or dry. Bright primary colors and durable construction give it a perfect balance of style and safety.

Tropical Dual Lane Slide – perfect for hot summer days and sunny outdoor events, this tropical-themed inflatable has two separate water slide lanes. It is decorated with inflatable palm trees, and the curved body of the unit gives it a unique appearance. Just like all the Jungle Jumps inflatable products, this model is crafted to exacting standards from the highest-quality materials in the industry.

Mighty Tropical Super Slide – keeping with the tropical theme, here is a massive double lane model with an attached slip and slide area and a removeable splash pool at the end. Riders careen down one of two side-by-side slide lanes, then zip through the slip and slide. For dry use, an optional end bumper replaces the splash pool. This model is decorated with colorful arches and simulated inflatable palm trees, giving it a great look along with impressive structural stability. It serves as the ideal cooling oasis for outdoor events in the warm summer months.

Dolphin Side Load Waterslide – standing high above the top of the curved single lane slide, inflatable dolphins greet young ones as they climb aboard this colorful commercial-grade inflatable. The curved slide ends in a rectangular splash pool for added fun. Jungle Jumps has selected blue and white vinyl fabric for this model’s construction, then added printed elements to give it a colorful ocean feel. It is a great choice for smaller backyard gatherings and large outdoor events alike.