Future Technology

Get to know more about the development of agricultural technology

If you hear the word ‘technology’, surely the first thing that comes to mind is a gadget, application, or software. Although some of these components are around us, we must not close our eyes to be open to technology in other fields, for example in agriculture. In the world of agribusiness, of course you know the name of technology as well and the longer there is always new technology with new innovations as well.

As well as technological and communication developments, in the field of agriculture even the technology is no less sophisticated. At present there are many findings that are considered to improve the quality of agriculture in Indonesia. Just imagine if in a field there were no significant changes? Surely the quality of a product on the farm will stop in the middle of the road like that.

Moreover, Indonesia is an agricultural country that has high natural resources and management that is quite good, so in agriculture it is clear that this will be very supportive. Not only biological wealth, Indonesia, which has a tropical region that is friendly to the climate and weather, will be very supportive of the agricultural sector so that it is always glimpsed by foreign countries.

This field of agriculture is a field that is always needed by anyone. Seeing in its role in supporting the needs of clothing, food, and human boards in everyday life. Humans will not be able to survive without ‘food’. To get ‘food’, of course, it must require agriculture that produces rice. Obviously this is a bonded chain.
Then what are the technological developments in the world of agriculture? Technology is a science that deals with improving skills in the industry. If applied in the world of agriculture, the understanding is a trick or a way to increase farming. For example, in the process of selecting the best seeds, how to spread and put the seeds on the right shaft, the maintenance process, until when they are harvested.

Apart from these components, the development of agriculture can also be seen from the types of drugs and food used, what types of fertilizers are used, to the pesticides. Of course, some of these components cannot be done with just the origin, the role of farmers and technology that must unite to produce maximum yields.
Many think that technology has taken away all the work of farmers, because with this technology it can be done in an easy way and a short time compared to still using utilizing human resources namely farmers. Even though in reality, technology will not work well if there is no good cooperation with farmers. Technology is not a robot, so it must still need the role of HR to do it.

There are many technologies in the world of agriculture, for example:
The tractor is used as a substitute for hoes;

1. Artificial fertilizers are considered more profitable compared to compost or green manure;
2. Planted rice seeds are considered to produce more rice than planting scattered seeds.
3. Some of the above are small things that can be found everyday. Beyond that there are still many functions and benefits of technology that can be felt. Not to replace, technology only plays a role in increasing agricultural productivity and performance. The benefits obtained not only in terms of harvested results later, but accelerate the performance of farmers.
Not only that, the strength of agricultural technology will increase crop commodities between regions which will later increase the price of their products. Therefore, farmers must use existing technology and facilities to achieve their goals. For example, the use of the internet to promote their crops by offering prices that are more skewed than purchases on the market, will certainly increase revenue.
But behind the conveniences offered, there are some shortcomings caused. For example, farmers who have been accustomed to using tractors to plow fields will leave buffalo as a medium used previously. If the tractor’s equipment is used continuously, the farmer must accept the fact that one day this device can be damaged. Technology can easily develop but can also be damaged.
In addition, the purchase of this machine does not cost a little, certainly must be willing to buy it. Other examples such as the use of pesticides in plants that are planted, this will have a negative impact on the buyer and consumption later. Farmers don’t think about things until that point, they just think that their plants will be free of pests. But among these advantages and disadvantages, the development of agricultural technology in Indonesia must be supported to be even better.