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Coffee Brews and Wine Are Part of Our Social and Cultural Persona

We have community rituals. And we have social preferences. We perform certain daily acts and two of the most important daily acts for a great number of folks is drinking a hot cup of coffee or drinking a glass or two of wine. But just like the coffee, the wine has to have a pedigree. The Mogen David sweet stuff is only for special community rituals in this century. People want the best Napa or Mendocino wines. They want to know about the grapes in the same way that coffee lovers want to know about the country their coffee comes from.

This is the age of enlightened, iPhone carrying, and text messaging fanatics who can’t get enough of what they consider good. Good does have a different meaning these days, especially when it comes to wine and coffee. Good is three or four down on the list of superlatives used to describe the two drinks that separate humans from the other group of humans that live just as well or better even though they don’t drink coffee or wine. There’s no doubt that a white wine drinker and a Brazilian coffee drinker need the same type of tools to perform their daily rituals. Unfortunately, rituals usually turn into the habits that people think they want to break.

Where we drink, how we drink and the way we drink defines us, and nothing is more defining than to drink coffee out of one of those on-the-go type cups. People like to drink their coffee at different temperatures. Some people like their coffee really hot at say, 120 degrees Fahrenheit, but other coffee connoisseurs want their coffee to be consistently 110 degrees Fahrenheit, while they are drinking it. On-the-go coffee cups are not built for consistency. Sure, they can keep coffee hot, but the hot is a decreasing version of hot. Unfortunately, on-the-go coffee cups may be convenient, but they are rarely consistent.

Wine drinkers are snobs when it comes to using on-the-go cups. Wine drinking is a civilized ritual, and it must be treated as such. But that is just marketing talk for the fact that Silicon Valley has not come up with a civilized on-to-go wine glass. But that might not be true. There is a website that offers temperature control technology in a personal cup. The coffee drinkers that like their coffee at a certain temperature use these smart mugs, and wine drinkers do too. This is the best site to pull up if on-to-go cup depression is part of the daily coffee or wine drinking ritual.

But some folks can’t make the switch because the old on-the-go cups are woven into the coffee culture. There’s safety and comfort in our culturally accepted on-the-go cup, but our culture is changing. This is the age of technology, and coffee and wine drinkers will add another tool to their ritual tool belt when they are able to control the temperature of all of their drinks wherever they go.